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Paths of Rovinj delicacies

Take the paths of Rovinj delicacies where you will be able to taste the eno-gastro specialties of Rovinj and Istria in famous Rovinj restaurants!

1. Restaurant "GRACIANO", Obala Palih boraca bb, tel. 052 811515 or 098 256484

Fish menu: Marinated fish fantasy; Smoked Adriatic fillet with side dish; Agro chocolate dessert; A glass of Malvasia Panjoka 0.2 l

Meat menu: Istrian cold dish; Ramsteak with side dish; Cheesecake; Cuvee Panjoka glass 0.2 l

2. Restaurant "BRANCIN DA NINO", Trg G. Pignatona 8, tel. 052811530 or 0912811530

Fish menu: Sea Rhapsody; Brodet with octopus and prawns; Tutti-frutti cake; White wine 0.25 and water

Meat menu: Autumn meat salad; Lungić with mushrooms in red wine and polenta; Tutti-frutti cake; Red wine 0.25 and water

3. Tavern "STORY", Matije Vlačića Ilirika Street 11, tel. 052821120 or 0912050064

Fish menu: Sardines on savor; Shrimp and mussel buzara "Story" with polenta; Homemade cake; A glass of white wine

Meat menu: Istrian cold platter (ombolo, prosciutto, bacon, sausages); Grilled stuffed turkey breast with truffle sauce and homemade noodles; Homemade cake; A glass of red wine

4. Snack bar "VOLLEY FERATA", Kolodvorsko šetalište 3, tel. 0981806238

Fish menu: Tagliatelle with tuna; Stuffed squid with potato salad; Panna cotta; A glass of Vivoda white wine and water

Meat menu: Istrian maneštra; Fried chicken rolls with grated potatoes; Panna Cotta; A glass of Vivoda red wine and water

5. Restaurant "LA PERLA", E. Bullessicha 2, tel. 052811801 or 0989333511

Fish menu: Adriatic shrimp risotto on white; Wild fish fillet with Mediterranean vegetables in scrapbook; Homemade chocolate souffle; A glass of red wine

Meat menu: Ravioli with arugula and prosciutto; Pork rolls stuffed with ham and cheese with puree in forest mushroom sauce; Homemade chocolate souffle; A glass of white wine

6. Restaurant "FORTUNA", Obala A. Rismonda 3, tel. 052813450 or 0977008008

Fish menu: Welcome aperitif; Cod; Sea bass fillet in sauce with Istrian truffles and salted potatoes; Pancake; White wine 0.2 l and water

Meat menu: Welcome aperitif Sheep cheese with Istrian truffles Chicken fillet in sauce with Istrian truffles and salted potatoes Pancake Red wine 0.2 l and water

7. Restaurant "DREAM", J. Rakovca 18, tel. 052830613 or 0915799239

Fish menu: Sardines on savour; Black beagles with frog; Cherry cake; Malvazija Deklić

Meat menu: Pumpkin soup; Pork scrambled eggs with gnocchi; Chocolate tart; Merlot Medea

8. Restaurant "SANTA ROMA", J. Rakovca 42, tel. 0911555000

Fish menu: Cold seafood dish (salted anchovies, octopus salad, fish pate); Rolled sea bass fillet on roasted black polenta with black truffle cream; Dried fig cake; A glass of white wine

Meat menu: Boškarin cheek pate with black truffle; Cream of pea cream cutlet with sauteed carrots; Cheesecake Malvasia; A glass of red wine

9. Restaurant "KANTINON", Obala Aldo Rismondo 18, tel. 052816075

Fish menu: Homemade sardines on savor; Adriatic mackerel on a frying pan, roasted Istrian tomatoes, fennel and olives; Homemade fritters with cherry sauce; 0.20l of wine or 0.30l of draft beer

Meat menu: Istrian maneštra with beans, chickpeas and bacon; Beef scab with homemade cottage cheese gnocchi; Homemade fritters with cherry sauce 0.20 l of wine or 0.30 l of draft beer

You will be able to taste these delicacies at a promotional price of HRK 120.00 per menu. Reservation required.