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Life on Mars Trail

One of the most beautiful trails in Croatia “Life on Mars” has been officially opened in 2019 for all visitors all year round. Follow the trails which lead through Metajna in Novalja to experience an unforgettable spiritual journey and discover the most beautiful beaches of the island of Pag. Trekking League in cooperation with Continental and the Novalja Tourist Board has marked 4 trekking trails with a total length of 4 km. The cosmic beauty of Ručica, Beritnica, Slana and Seline beaches will take your breath away.

VIA FERRATA – Life on Mars trail

The Life on Mars trail has been expanded by Croatia’s first coastal via ferrata, in a length of 100 m. The via ferrata is intended for more advanced active athletes, who are to bring adequate equipment with them (gloves, a climbing harness, and a safety set – a shock absorber and a climbing helmet), and serves as a bypass over the sea, connecting Slana Bay on one side and Cape Sušac on the other side.

Passing the trail, which stands at the height of around 1-2 metres above sea level, should take around 10-15 minutes. It is rated as difficult.

The coastal via ferrata is accessed from Slana Bay, by following a marked trail, 2 km from Ručica Beach in Metajna.

Ferrata connects the Life on Mars loop hiking trail, which up until now could have been crossed only by swimming a distance of 100 m.