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Baredine Cave

Get to know the mysterious game of nature that has been created for thousands of years, far from daylight and the human eye - visit the underground world of Baredin.

This cave is a treasure trove of stalagmites and stalactites, underground sculptures realized by the patient work of water for centuries. Such miraculous sigma forms were created, of which ten meters long high curtains stand out, a very realistic statue of the Mother of God, the body of the shepherdess Milka, a sloping tower from Pisa, a snowman who became a trademark of this cave.

In one of the halls you will pass a hatch 4 meters wide and 66 meters deep, which descends to the underground lakes. And so, through five halls, five galleries of abstract and realistic sculptures, a 40-minute pleasant walk along a three-hundred-meter-long trail, of course, accompanied by a guide and curator. The interesting thing about this adventurous endeavor is the encounter with the underground fauna: you will see the human fish, an endemic species of animal that lives only in these karst areas.

At the entrance to the cave there is a museum display case with exhibits of prehistoric man pottery. This distant ancestor of ours probably, during the hot and dry summers, left his vessels here to be filled, drop by drop, with precious water.


Baredine Cave is located near Nova Vas, between Poreč, Višnjan and Tara. The road leading to the pit is marked with signposts, and next to the pit there is a spacious parking lot for cars and buses.

The total depth of the pit is 132 meters, together with underground lakes whose depth sometimes reaches up to thirty meters. The air temperature in the pit is constant and is around 14ºC.



Children (5 - 15 years): 45 kn

Adults: 75 kn

Students: 60 kn

Seniors (over 65): 65 kn

Entrances to the Baredine pit approximately every half hour

Working hours 2020:

V, VI, IX: 10:00 - 17:00

VII, VIII: 10:00 - 18:00

X: 10:00 - 16:00

Baredine Cave

HR-52446 Nova Vas, Porec

M: +385 (0) 95 4214 210, +385 (0) 98 224 350