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Top 5 truths about wine from Istria

In Istria, the value of the vine has been recognized since ancient times. The ancient Romans already praised Teran from the peninsula, and in the Middle Ages Istrian Muscat wines were a delicacy on the royal tables! Today, wine is an inseparable part of Istrian gastronomy and way of life, and many events are dedicated to it.

Wine has one of the main roles in Istrian gastronomy

Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world, is unthinkable without red or white wine. Have you tried Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Momjan or Poreč Muscat rose with fish, cheese, meat, desserts ...?

We are sure that you did, as well as that you took home one of the wines from Istria to remember the Istrian wine magic until your next arrival on the peninsula.

A glass of Istrian wine has a positive effect on your health

Did you know that wine, especially red wine, is very good for your health? Moderate consumption helps fight the signs of aging, improves memory, strengthens immunity and has a preventive effect against many diseases. White wine is even said to help with weight problems!

Wine as a secret for beauty and youth

Wine is not only an excellent drink with food and for a good atmosphere in society, but among its properties are ingredients for beauty and youth. We have already mentioned that wine promotes weight loss, and only then do baths and masks: they beautify the skin and regenerate the body.

An Istrian specialty that is unthinkable without Istrian Teran

Of course, good food is accompanied by wine, without which socializing and partying in Istria is unthinkable.

Another special feature of Istria is that the Teran is used to prepare Istrian soup, a traditional drink with baked bread, a little pepper, sugar and olive oil in a bukalet, great for cold or rainy winter days when friends and family gather by the fireplace.

Request it in a restaurant of central Istria. Cheers!

Get to know the tradition of wine production in Istria

Did you have the opportunity to visit the wine roads and get acquainted with the work of winemakers from Istria? On the wine roads, find out anecdotes, stories and experiences of Istrian winemakers who, in their wine cellars, keep exceptional wines. Take the opportunity and walk through the vineyard where the story of the wine you are just drinking from a glass began.