Istria | Bell Holiday


Istria is the largest peninsula and the westernmost part of Croatia, which is located on the northern coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Istrian coastline is 445 km long.

Next to the coast there are many smaller and larger islands, some of which have been inhabited since ancient times, and some are intact and attract the visitors with their virginal beauty and nature. In the North, Istria is bordered by the Ucka mountain, while the southernmost point of Istria is Cape Kamenjak in Premantura. Istria is adorned with unspoiled natural landscapes, crystal clear sea water, numerous natural sea bays and coves with beautiful beaches.

Pleasant Mediterranean climate, proximity to the sea and natural beauty of Istria are the main reason that this peninsula has been and still is a famous tourist destination. Today Istria offers a variety of tourist accommodation in hotels, apartments, villas, vacation resorts and villages, and other facilities, and many attractive activities for all types of tourism (agro-tourism, nautical tourism, eno-gastronomic tourism, ecotourism, etc.).